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New flexible Quadrant pricing Plans

One of the guiding principles at Style Atlas and in our development of Quadrant is to create fashion technology solutions that are powerful and intuitive while still being highly accessible to brands of all sizes. We believe that Quadrant offers the best value fashion PLM solution in the market, but when talking with some of our emerging clients (and potential clients) we got feedback that they may not be ready to use all the functionality that Quadrant offers. So we listened and as a result have launched a new functionally tiered pricing system to make Quadrant even more cost effective, whether you are a brand new startup or a large established brand.

We new offer Quadrant in three tiers;

  1. Essentials - USD$29 per internal user/per month. Ideal for brand new startups that just need the basics; Libraries to provide a single source of truth for all your collection development assets and resources; Boards for mood board creation to create and share your vision for each new collection; Designs to assemble and build out all of your designs and colourway information, including cost development and Packs a complete solution to build out your tech packs and manage the entire sampling workflow.

  2. Core - USD$49 per internal user/per month. For brands that are starting to grow and need extra functionality to help improve collaboration and want to integrate with 3rd party solutions, such as e-commerce platforms. In addition to everything in Essentials, Core offers; Products to help manage your styles that have been signed off ready for production, including easily setting up all your products on Shopify, via our powerful integration; Chat is our in-app rich messaging solution, allowing brands to consolidate all their communication channels with internal and external teams and stakeholders alike, and Reports provides users in depth analysis of their collections to help better manage your business.

  3. Plus - USD$69 per internal user/per month. Ideal for brands that want access to all of Quadrant's functionality. In addition to everything in Core, Plus offers: Paths to help brands set up and manage their own custom critical path for each collection; Options to allow brands to build out their own highly visual range plans to determine the perfect mix for each collection and provide a highly intuitive commercial brief to your design team, and Tracker which auto generates a spreadsheet style view of your entire collection, allowing team members detailed viewing and editing functionality at both a line and collection level.

You might ask after viewing our pricing, "What is an internal user". We have designed Quadrant to be a collaboration platform, so we want encourage you to bring all of your 3rd party vendors onto the platform to greatly improve efficiency and visibility. To promote this behaviour, we don't charge you for your 3rd party vendors (external users). To find out more details please contact us.

We hope our new pricing model confirms our commitment to making Quadrant the best and most accessible collection development solution anywhere.

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