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Rich Chat and Canva integration

We are excited to announce two great new Quadrant features;

Rich Chat Functionality built in.

With the teams and vendor partners of so many brands spread across the world and the need for remote teams to be able to work effectively being critical this could be a game changer many brands. We have taken our time to develop a rich chat solution embedded into Quadrant to advance our goal of it becoming a single source of truth for all your product development needs, including your communication. This is a feature that is unique to Quadrant and turns it into a true collaboration platform. Now you can centralise the communication of internal teams and your 3rd party vendors in one place with public channels, private channels and direct messaging.

Canva Integration

A great new feature for designers, we have now integrated the power of Canva's awesome design platform directly into Quadrant to allow the design team to create stunning mood board, design detail diagrams, measurement references and more without leaving Quadrant and without the need to have expensive and complex design tools installed on the the device you're using.

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