“Here at AllSaints we are obsessed with building a future-proof business model. An ideology meaning that we are constantly on the lookout for cutting-edge cloud-based solutions that will enable us to create an efficient end-to-end digital operating model.

By partnering with Style Atlas, we will now be able to fully optimize the back end of our supply chain. From sketch to DC, our visibility and most importantly our agility is maximised.

After exploring the best-in-class PLM as well as other software solutions, we discovered that many of the existing systems were the equivalent of a diesel engine whereas we were looking for the latest electric motor technology. A discovery that propelled us into further research and led us to identify Quadrant by Style Atlas. This was the only platform that could satisfy all our requirements. It will make us faster and more agile, saving us time rather than consuming it which was a problem with previous solutions.

With this said we are truly excited by our new partnership and feel this is just the beginning of our journey to innovation with Style Atlas."