Your guide to fashion that fits.

Your guide to fashion that fits.


What is Style Atlas?


Style Atlas is a fashion fitting solution for online shoppers.

It allows shoppers to know if the clothing on their favourite fashion e-commerce sites will fit them, or not, prior to purchase.


Why is online fitting a problem?


Online fashion retail is huge and growing fast. but wait, there's a problem

One of the big reasons behind that growth is the decision of many retailers to offer free returns in addition to free delivery on purchases. However this strategy has created a huge problem for retailers. Experienced online shoppers who love the flexibility, range of choice and great prices offered by fashion e-tailers have taken to purchasing multiple sizes of each of the garments they like and sending everything back that doesn't fit, all at the retailer's expense. As a result online fashion retailers are now experiencing average return rates between 25 - 50% of total sales and rising!

The reason is that free returns have taken the financial risk out of purchasing an ill-fitting item but not the disappointment and hassle of buying something that doesn't fit. Only a solution that allows shoppers to understand if an item they find online will fit them or not, prior to purchase will fix this issue.


How can Style Atlas help solve the problem of online fitting?


It addresses the needs of all three key players in the fashion eco-system. Requires the minimum amount of investment or behavioural change on behalf of shoppers, fashion brands and fashion retailers.

Doesn't rely on "standard sizing". For online shopping "standard sizing" is part of the problem. We don't make "size recommendations" but provide highly detailed advice on whether a garment fits you, regardless of its size.

Has traditional clothing design and manufacturing expertise at its core. Just matching clothing measurements to body measurements is not enough. Our solution has the fit knowledge of leading fashion design and manufacturing experts built in so we can advise you if a garment will fit the way it was designed to.

Is designed to work with the fashion industry's most predominant market sector - Ready to Wear. While we are very excited about the opportunities our technology will provide for next generation "custom fit" programs in the future, our solution is designed to work with and improve the business models most prevalent in the fashion industry today.


Want to know more?


Style Atlas is currently in private beta with our design workflow and collaboration platform for fashion labels - Quadrant. If you are interested in becoming a trial partner, or just want to know more about us please fill out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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