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Serial returner or cautious shopper?

Whether you’re serial returner that takes advantage of retailer's free shipping/free returns policies to buy multiple sizes of garments you like and send everything back that doesn’t fit at the retailer’s expense; or a cautious shopper that limits themselves to only buying the brands that are currently in your wardrobe, we can offer a better way.


Compass allows you to create and store a bod-e-map - your own personal set of fit related body measurements, derived from the measurements designers use to create their designs - in two quick and easy steps, all while browsing partner retailer's sites.

It then allows you to compare your bod-e-map with all the garments in the retailer’s online catalogue, providing unique and detailed fit guidance, as well as a powerful tool to find the clothing and brands that fit you perfectly.

Compass will be launching later this year.  Want to keep updated on our launch dates and partner retailers?  Sign up below.

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