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Launch of the Virtual Fashion Collective

As a result of the success of the AFC FashTech Lab programme, its tech partners, independent FashionTech companies, that came together and collaborated to develop and implement the digital sampling workflow; namely Style Atlas, Bandicoot Imaging, Couture CAD, Ponz Studio, Neuno and Ordre have come together to form the Virtual Fashion Collective (VFC).

The VFC has a vision to help the fashion industry unlock the potential of 3D Design and Development. Allowing fashion brands to reduce the cost, time and carbon footprint of producing their collections, create more immersive sales and marketing initiatives and develop new revenue streams.

As a collective the VFC is able to offer brands a turnkey solution for their digital sampling needs; From workflow management that simplifies the process and brings all the components together to work in harmony (Quadrant by Style Atlas); Digitisation of Fabrics (Bandicoot Imaging); Pattern making and Digital Toiling (Couture CAD) and Photorealistic Digital Sampling (Ponz Studio). Then our other members can help you realise the full potential of your 3D digital assets in applications like Digital Twin creation for NFTs and gaming environments (Neuno) and Virtual Showrooms for wholesale sales (Ordre).

However, depending on your requirements, because each member of the VFC is an independent company, each service can also be offered individually. The flexibility of the VFCs modular offering is what makes it both unique and powerful.

For more information on the VFCs services and members please reach out to us via the Contact Page.

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