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Fashion creators are the key.

Placing the people behind the fashion we buy - the designers, pattern makers and product techs - at the core of our solution is one of our key differences. It's only through harnessing the fit knowledge that goes into designing and producing a garment can we provide great fit guidance to shoppers.

We need to be able to get detailed fit information from labels without adding additional expense or complexity to your style development workflow. Because labels work in a variety of different ways we have created a two different tools to choose from depending on your workflow and business requirements.  


Allows you to automatically process your garment specs securely via an online portal.

  • All fit-related garment information collected securely in one easy step 

  • No process change required by label

  • Fast tracks a labels ability to realise the benefit of Compass

  • Data collected can be used to seed Quadrant


A comprehensive design workflow and collaboration platform that allows you to ditch the spreadsheets and endless emails currently required to take your designs through to finished garments.

  • Fit related garment information collected as a by-product of a label completing their standard workflow

  • Huge benefits to labels in terms of improved efficiency, oversight and collaboration with internal teams and manufacturing partners


We are currently trialing Scope and Quadrant with selected labels and will be launching them publicly soon.

Want to be one of the first to access the benefits Scope and Quadrant can provide your label?  Fill out the form below and we will keep you updated on our launch plans.

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