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Product development teams need to be able to collaborate with each other effectively whether they are in the same room or spread around the world... and email won’t cut it.

Quadrant Chat View on laptop
Quadrant Chat View on laptop

Quadrant’s rich chat functionality makes Quadrant a true collaboration platform. Make communication easy by setting up your own public rooms, private rooms and direct channels then make it immersive by adding images, videos, links, emojis and plain old text.


A place for everything and everything in its place. A single source of truth for your entire team, wherever they are, anywhere in the world.

Quadrant colour library on desktop
Quadrant fabric library on desktop

Fast track your workflow with Quadrant's centralised libraries by having all your Fabrics, Trims, Labels, Packaging, Colours, Blocks, Fit Models, Suppliers, Customers and Exchange rates always at your fingertips.


Designers rejoice. Access the power of Canva’s online design platform to create stunning mood boards to showcase the vision for your ranges, all while in Quadrant.

Quadrant Boards section on desktop
Quadrant Boards section on desktop

With Quadrant and our Canva integration you have the flexibility to design online without having to have complex and expensive design software installed on your device.


Set up your path to success. Use “ Workflows” to set up your brand’s critical paths throughout the year and then easily apply one to a range with a couple of clicks.

Quadrant Paths section on desktop
Quadrant Boards section on desktop

Then understand your team’s progress at any stage of development all at a glance with your auto generated “Timeline”.


Easily create highly visual, dynamic option plans and line sheets with our Line Sheet Builder functionality and the use Quadrant’s powerful filtering and grouping functionality to refine your collection.

Quadrant Options section on desktop
Quadrant Options section on desktop

Our option planning functionality provides your teams clarity and transparency throughout the design & development process.


A home for all your team's designs. One place to set up all your colourways, organise your sketches and set your colours, fabrics, costing, supplier & customer information and notes.

Quadrant Designs section on desktop
Quadrant Designs section on desktop

Quadrant then makes the process of designing into a range simple and efficient by allowing you to link your designs to options. Then when you're ready, create tech packs directly from your designs with a click.


Fast track tech pack creation by having the information from your options, designs, materials & block libraries all at your fingertips. Allowing you to get better, more complete tech packs into the hands of your vendor partners quicker and easier.

Quadrant Packs section on desktop

Then manage the entire sampling workflow more efficiently with our cost sheet and fitting comments functionality which integrates back into your tech packs as you progress through the sampling process.


All the pieces come together with the one tracker to rule them all. All the key features of a spreadsheet but with the benefit of improved collaboration and without the need to enter and maintain all the data yourself; Options, linked designs, tech pack info, costings and workflow information is all added automatically to the tracker as it is created throughout Quadrant.

Quadrant Tracker section on desktop
Quadrant Products section on desktop


Seamlessly turn your designs into products ready to be integrated into e-commerce platforms and/or virtual showrooms. Use Quadrant as your brands PIM and DAM. A home for all you product’s information and digital assets including, images, video and 3D assets.Whatever it is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference.


Collection Development (literally) in the palm of your hand

  • Quadrant  lives in the browser, is optimised for all device types, including smartphones

  • Our super accessible pricing allows brands to ditch the spreadsheets and legacy PLM’s

  • Because it’s designed for creative people we have made it highly visual and intuitive to use.

Quadrant Design Detail View on mobile device
Tech Pack detail view on tablet


Power doesn't need to come at a high price

  • Just because Quadrant is priced accessibly doesn't mean it's not feature rich. 

  • Quadrant manages a brand's entire collection development from concept to sign off.  

  • Instead of trying to do everything and doing nothing well, our modern architecture allows us to focus on being the best at collection development and then integrating with other great solutions to build out your fashion tech stack.


In fashion one size does not fit all

  • Quadrant provides brands a highly flexible, best practice framework for collection development. 

  • Easily customise and setup the platform to better manage your particular product requirements.

  • Our plans allow you to choose the level of functionality you need and upgrade as and when required.

Quadrant Permissions Scheme view on tablet
Quadrant Chat view on tablet


There is no “I” in collection development

  • A single source of truth for all your development assets and resources; all available at your team’s finger tips, anytime, anywhere. 

  • Total team visibility across crucial areas like costing and critical path.

  • Centralisation of all of your communication channels with internal teams and 3rd party vendors via an in-built rich chat platform.

  • Easily manage the access of all your users with fine grain control.


Helping brands make outdated practices more efficient is not enough

While Quadrant does help brands make their traditional workflows more efficient and productive we are committed to helping brands to transition to more sustainable design and development practices.  We started by developing new digital sampling workflows to help brands of all sizes save money, time and carbon; and collaborated with partners to minimise the cost and business transformation of implementing digital sampling in your business.  This is just the start, we are in the process of implementing a range of other features to make your design and development process a circular one.


Find out more about our

Quadrant Fabric detail view on mobile device
Quadrant Libraries on tablets

The PLM... reimagined for a circular future



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